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Oh Hai! Miss me?

2009-10-28 05:14:45 by Draqo

So MaestroRage has been busy tending to the site, and I have been busy with the following:

Not keeping up to date with NG.
Tinkering with pico-ITX computer technology.
Re-structuring and Re-EQ'ing all 'good' songs I have ever made starting with Phoenix Chronicles 1-8.

And why might you ask of posting on the front page? Well then starting NEXT Thursday and every Thursday after that I will be uploading an episode of Phoenix Chronicles to the audio portal. Each are studio quality and rendered on my pwetty i7 computer.

Another reason is MaestroRage pre-launched our site and I'm bound to get traffic, and I'm here being an egotistical bastard to soke up what ever comes my way. I left a douchebag filter next to me should it be needed.

Every now and then I'll release 1 of 3 types of songs in the coming month(s) before xmas.

Shackle: Orchestra based epica.
-Return to Sender
-Aries (Revamped)

Scourge: Electronic based epica featuring the Korg M1.
-Through the Ashes v3
-Fall to Crumbles
-Left Alone
-Leo (Revamped)
-Rundown ('The Chase' Revamped)
-Scorpio (Revamped to Awesomeness)

Phoenix Chronicles: Candy for you all.
Episode 1: Sands of the Cold - 11/5/09 1 + 2
Episode 2: Workshop - 11/5/09 1 + 2
Episode 3: Defense - 11/12/09 3 + 4
Episode 4: Starport - 11/12/09 3 + 4
Episode 5: Intruder - 11/19/09 5 + 6
Episode 6: Runaway - 11/19/09 5 + 6
Episode 7: Dispute - 11/26/09 7 + 8
Episode 8: Town of Greed - 11/26/09 7 + 8
Episode 9: Jackle's Deal - 12/3/09 9 + 10
Episode 10: Blood Creed - 12/3/09 9 + 10
Episode 11: Betrayal - 12/10/09 11 + 12
Episode 12: Stolen Justice - 12/10/09 11 + 12
Episode 13: Recall - 12/17/09 13, 14, & 15
Episode 14: Jackle's Fall - 12/17/09 13, 14, & 15
Episode 15: Phoenix Rising - 12/17/09 13, 14, & 15

I'll leave you with this, and you all may comment. :)

Oh Hai! Miss me?

Draqo is Back

2009-02-13 03:54:33 by Draqo

Here's your candy:
Scourge - Through the Ashes

I'm now composing for an MMORPG. Same me, just with more toys. :D Many of the scraps and special versions of the songs (made just for NG) will be uploaded here.

Phoenix Chronicles will still continue for another 5 episodes, then remastered. Though, the newer versions will not be free, but the originals will always be. :D

Making an Epic in 15 Minutes: Tutorial 1

2008-08-17 15:39:29 by Draqo

Making an Epic in 15 Minutes: Tutorial 1

/* */

It's a trap!

2008-08-14 10:21:53 by Draqo

What? You expect to be rick-rolled or something? Admiral Ackbar pics? No...

Some updates for you all:

-Vivax Vox - Ortus has been submitted, first attempt of using East West software. (Maeror was 3rd)
-Releasing Warrior of Honor's map theme song next week.
-Phoenix Chronicles Episode 6 "Runaway" Is in production featuring new and old instruments. Dedicated to a good friend of mine, PearlPhoenix (no the chronicles are not named after her.)
-FL Tutorial Video Series "Making an Epic in 15 minutes." is also in production.
-Vivax Vox project is already underway.
-Project Jade to be started.
-Registered to be an iTunes artist. Newgrounds always gets original alpha versions. :p

Difference between Vivax Vox, Project Jade, Phoenix Chronicles, etc:

Vivax Vox is 100% East West/Quantum Leap instruments and my personal sound design effects. Remastered works will be sold on iTunes, original alphas like Maeror and Ortus are always free to the public.

Project Jade is Project Night re-incarnated all scrap works from Vivax Vox, Phoenix Chronicles, and the original Project Night will be overhauled with better instruments and a minimum of 2 minute lengths.

Phoenix Chronicles is solely classical/electronic/ambient/epic based and has now moved from being just soundfonts to East West and 3rd party VST's. Sound design is also used to simulate synths from the original MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat soundtrack. Much of the songs are experimental and looped based, which for the most part will stay that way. Vivax Vox will be the rhapsody songs, Phoenix Chronicles will be the loop based songs.

Warriors of Honor songs are primarily used by the UT2004 WoH Clan for their maps and website. Shkeleton (the leader) wanted the map song to be instrumentally based from Phoenix Chronicles: Episode 3 and not to use the new EW/QL software. Yet the anthem will be full blown East West Symphonic Choirs singing, that's right, singing words.

I'll leave you all with this:

It's a trap!

Oh what fun. :D

2008-08-12 14:37:15 by Draqo

My new Software/VST List:

FL Studio 8 XXL with Edison

East West/Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Pro XP Gold
East West Symphonic Choirs with WordBuilder
East West Colossus
East West Stormdrum
East West Boesendorfer 290
East West Percussive Adventures 2
East West RA

TweakBench Collection
basic64 (Commadore 64 inspired synth)

And lots and lots of soundfonts.

Do you know what this is?

2008-07-10 13:27:31 by Draqo

It's my soul being sold to EastWest technology.

Do you know what this is?

I hate Episode 4, moving on.

2008-06-30 03:01:17 by Draqo

I really really do, it's a disaster and was rushed. So not to make the same mistake again, it'll be reworked after I finish episode 5 and re-uploaded sometime next month when episode 6 is worked on.

The series itself will start to morph into rhapsody style ambiance melodies so I can start making a professional portfolio with high-caliber songs. Episode 5 will be the stake and point of no-return of repetitive melodies. I shall sell out my soul and start whoring for money, really who hasn't.

Episode 6 will take a months work to do probably up near a 5 minute song. I've come a long way from Project Night and using FL core defaults, now I'm focusing on songs worth putting into commercial games.

Episode 5 itself is a redux of a MechWarrior 2 track, same tune, very very very different execution. Also first attempt at a rhapsody hybrid. Stay tuned.

Upcoming Events (PC5, July 4th, Other Things)

2008-06-24 13:02:10 by Draqo

Other than MaestroRage being busy I have been managing my time putting Episode 5 into post production as well as others.

Information about Phoenix Chronicles can always be found here.

So about this top secret paid project, still top secret and can only tell you it's for a Vehicle CTF Map for UT2004 and for a top clan server who host all 3 game servers including 2004 invasion mod. That's only part 1 of the 2 for the job. The other is an anthem for the actual clan. LadyArsenic may be taking up the job for singing it in Latin or German.

Phoenix Chronicles Episode 5 is in post production without delay and will be submitted next week.

July 4th dedication with Phoenix Chronicles feel may be canceled due to my Java training.

There's your news.

Hello all.

So I been getting a lot of PM's and comments on how long this series (Phoenix Chronicles) is gonna be. Well, I plan to have about a dozen or so 2-2:30 minute songs/loops all classical, ambient and probably 2 hip-hop ones. As for the story itself, the young woman who plays the character goes by the call-sign of Phoenix. Her real name is yet to be determined. As for the faction in the BattleTech universe I have yet to decide. But being after the clan invasion of 3049-3052, so I'm thinking around 3060 at the height of mercenary involvements. There's the nerdy stuff that's out of the way even though BT universe is the jocks of the nerds, like playing Risk with 20-100 ton machines.

As for animating, anyone up for a challenge of creating a battle-opera be my guest, the concept isn't something you tween or has a 2 second scene cut. I'm thinking of just blue-screening MW4 videos and hybrid tracing frame by frame. Unless someone with skill wants to do it from scratch, it will not be animated for a long time. And by battle-opera, I mean no voices, no sound-effects, just animation and the song (remastered probably.)

I have a lot of projects on top of getting Java certified, so everything is in a delay. Instead of popping out 1 song every 2-3 weeks, I'm popping them out either spontaneously in a day's work or every month. Episode 4 and it's watered down loop is submitted and probably be re-uploaded time to time since it was a day worth of work not the best thing to do if it's unfinished. But, I might as well submit something that has a tune.

What I use:
Most of the tracks will be shifting towards electronic more than classical, yet I love me some choirs as it never gets old to layer them. And no, I do not use the same VST's as MaestroRage. We both went on a sound font hunt and started filtering them out to make a nice package for you all later in the year. Much of what I use are from the high-end scripted fonts (legitimately free) which can be molded quite nicely through envelopes and filters. Soundfonts are not MIDI, though much of what we found were from GM Keyboards that sound like garbage, but even though they are multi-keyed sequences and synths, they are not 8/16 bit MIDI synths. I try not to use questionable legality VST's though KorgM1 is quite lovely and I'll buy it when I can. Yes, that's right folks I have a KorgM1 VST, but I also have several KorgM1 sound-fonts taken from either an actual Korg bank or the VST itself. I use it for much of the synthed sound effects and big pads.

I have a craptastic Casio keyboard. ($200)
I have over 2,000 sound fonts, most of them are actual General MIDI garbage. (Free)
I have FL8 XXL ($300)
I have KorgM1 VST (I WILL BUY WHAT I USE! This is next on my wish list to buy.)
I have over 10,000 sound effects. ($60 Yes I bought some of them even though companies recycle other packs and throw up a huge price saying it's high-def.)

Note: I do not condone freeloading for profit, I have been paying my dues to GOOD VST's and sound effects for the past year. I buy what I use frequently, I don't buy upgrades that just have a few tweaks and I'm glad FL has that policy for free upgrades for life and it was well worth forking $300 to them.

Further Note: You do not need big VST's bootlegged or legal to produce awesome music, sound fonts can do the job just as good most of the time. And scripted sound fonts are even better. I do not recommend using FL defaults as they are way too much overused, even Sytrus sometimes. Get some uniqueness in the songs.

Stay tuned for my July 4th project, and a few days after I think as I will be submitting the top-secret project I been paid to do. So add me to favorites and receive candy!

Phoenix Chronicles - Episode 4: "Starport"

Yes at long last here it is from a failed riff 2 weeks ago. I was hoping that I would get the top secret project done before Ep4 but it's gonna be a while. This is really a speed-compose episode done in less than 5 hours. (Considering I had all the instruments for Phoenix Chronicles already set-up.)

It is now completely epix'ed out. Every 2 sequences the song becomes more crowded as it's meant to. It's composed for a story line that requires to be crowded. Note that this form of the song-loop is not meant for the AT1-BattleTech game, the underlying layers are, which are quite watered down subtlety.

For some of you familiar with effects packs/CD's, yes you'll probably recognize a few. Few of them are sythned from a VST.

And yes the story continues...

(BattleTech Genre)
(Aerospace vehicles are whizzing by overhead every now and then.)
Our fair lady has docked at an allied starport, in much needed supplies. To get the supplies in, the 'Mechs must come out. (0:00): Doors drop, 'Mechs are powered up, and begin to march out. (0:56): Supply crates of ammunition, food, and parts are hauled in while our lady watches from her cockpit. (1:28): The 'Mechs march back in. Everyone sleeps well tonight, ready to lift off in the morning.